Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Consultation Days 2016

Every last Thursday from 2:00-6:00 is Consultation Day till the Holiday season.

*marks the selected few that will be on different days!
     •January -28th
     •February -25th
     •March -31st
     •April -28th
     •May- 26th
     •June -30th
 *    •July - *Wednesday* 27th
     •August -25th
     •September -29th
     •October -27th
 *     •November -*17th (2nd to last    Thursday because of Thanksgiving)
     •December -29th

NO Appointment is necessary on those days during those times for a consult; a cash deposit may be necessary between $40-100 (a receipt will be given!)

Appointments are made generally 3-5 months from the Consultation date depending on the current booking out status. I try to make all the necessary appointments needed for your piece at the time we make out your appointments so that once your piece is started it will get finished in a timely manner.

So as I write this we are heading into the end of August I am currently booking new appointments in February.... Just to get an idea of the wait time. The end of next month will probably mean somewhere around the end of February/beginning of March.

Thank you so much for looking :)