Friday, February 12, 2016

Portrait of daughter

This is my first watercolor portrait (at least since high school if I did it then). It's of my daughter -this is her "focused" face. She was actually opening up some Chapstick when I shot this; which is one of her favorite things This is going to be a Valentine's gift for my husband. <3 Thanks for looking :)
Full size about 5"x7" 
Watercolor on Strathmore using Winsor & Newton

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lemmy Portrait - Work in Progress

Starting a piece for a super amazing friend of mine! So I'm posting a little work in progress for you to see how it's done #wip (and yes I accept commissions)

The layout:
My daughter drawing alongside 

Here's her rendition of Lemmy (she's 2.5!!!!) I'm amazed by her; in so many ways! 
Lil more work on the hat 

Little bit more....getting closer! This paper is a real struggle! My preferred paper was out at all of the two art stores around me :(

Back to finishing this up ...almost there