NO Appointment is necessary on those days during those times for a consult; a cash deposit may be necessary between $40-100 (a receipt will be given!) to make an appointment.

Appointments are made generally 3-5 months from the Consultation date depending on the current booking out status. I try to make all the necessary appointments needed for your piece at the time we make out your appointments so that once your piece is started it will get finished in a timely manner.

If you can't make a consultation date you can do the following...this will however lead to a longer response time
To make an appointment you must 
1)E-mail me your ideas at 
2)Add your name in the subject. If your a returning client or have a gift certificate please add that too! You will be addressed sooner. (This makes searching easier)
3)Be Patient...I am trying to have a more one on one with all my clients but that also means there's a little bit more screening and time involved for me to reply to everyone. So please be patient!!!! If a couple weeks have passed please resend your e-mail or just give me a heads up to look for it...sometimes I get flooded and yours might get lost in the shuffle)
4) Once deposits and appointments are made the process of getting work is not as time consuming! And your appointment; depending on the piece and your availability, will move in a much smoother timely fashion.

* If your a new client or don't know me to well... I'm not a flash artist and I draw up each and every piece. This takes a lot of time; sometimes more than it does to actually tattoo the work on you, because they are all custom pieces and they take time to physically manifest themselves as a tattoo design. So please don't get to frustrated there's only one of me, and it's not a 9-5, I can't tattoo everybody either. I wish I could. If I can't seem to accommodate you; I can recommend you to other very talented artists