Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Work in progress portrait b&g

So trying to continue to do some work in progress shots as I continue this strange adventure of being an artist.
So this one was a model from Sktchy (I totally recommend getting your hands on this app!) I did this in ink and colored pencil on toned paper. The shots are not the best because I'm using a TruLight and for some reason it absolutely hates being used for pictures. 
I always start portraits by using the rule of thirds to map out the face. (not shown here but I'll be doing that in one of my next examples)( here's a good gist of what I mean). Once I get everything drawn out and happy with the look at the layout I start blocking out some of the darkest spots that need to Pop.(1) This gives me a good sense of direction to how the layout is holding together. I then start to alternate back and forth between pen and my prismacolor black (I only used white and black colored pencils with micron ink pen for this piece).(2) I use a soft circular motion to build up the black colored pencil pigment. Once I'm satisfied and done with all of the gradations I put a little burst of white.(3) This is the most exciting part. These little spots of White are very minimal and not to heavy! They are located along the cheek, a little in the eye, a smidge on the lip, and lightly threw little parts of the hair as well as a tiny dot on the nose. And Done!
I hope you enjoy! Better pictures will be posted soon to my website